General Weight Loss

Dr. Sendi is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Addiction Medicine and uses state of the art treatments to maximize your weight loss. Patients will be assessed completely to design a weight management program that fits best for your  long term success! We have numerous available protocols which can be discussed in a directed consultation. Options include ketogenic-type diets, prescription meal replacement plans, and medication assisted therapies including prescription diet medications. A wellness survey will be conducted to help change lifestyle and behavioral components that may interfere with your progress. Coordination with exercise trainers and nutritionists will be included. For those looking for more advanced therapies such as surgical and endoscopic approaches, evaluation and referrals to appropriate centers can be made. We use telemedicine to allow for confidential home video visits at times that are convenient for you.

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Meal replacements and My Optifast Journey

The most proven effective way for rapid and effective weight loss is meal replacements. Whether it is partial replacements for breakfast and lunch with a well-crafted dinner plan, or the use of full meal replacements,  you can potentially achieve effective, long-term weight loss. By using meal replacements, your overall calories and intake can be monitored and controlled as you learn new cooking and behavioral methods to improve long-term success. Groceries are very expensive these days, and effectively you end up  saving money by using meal replacements as they may only cost $10-15 a day. Since you aren't going to the grocery store as much, you will be saving money as you lose weight.

We have several options available for you. My Optifast Journey is a portal in which you start off with a several month subscription to a live, telemedicine visit with a nutritionist and behavioral health expert each month. They will guide your use of the Optifast products and educate you as to future health habits for continued weight loss once you near your goals. There are thousands of nutrition videos available as well on the portal as well as access to live exercising courses. The average cost of a nutritionist visit is well over $100, and this would be even more if you include a behavioral health consultation. In this program, you get a consultation from a nutritionist and behavioral health expert each month of the subscription. Said that, the Virtual Health platform includes these experts as part of the subscription to the start of the Optifast pathway to weight loss.

The importance of nutritional and behavioral health consultation as part of a successful weight loss program cannot be overemphasized. These interventions produce the best success rates.



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Ketogenic Diet and Weight Loss

There is no question that using a ketogenic diet is highly effective for weight loss and maintenance. It can be useful in many people  to  improve lipid profiles and increase energy levels as well. This isn't really a diet, but rather a lifestyle that cuts out Carbohydrates. The focus isn't on calories so much, but rather the drivers of insulin and stress, namely carbohydrates and excessive protein.

There is a lot of firm evidenced-based medicine behind the effectiveness of Ketogenic diets, but it is important for the individual to understand how to execute a well-constructed meal-plan. Also, it is important to understand some of the physiology behind the metabolism that drives the effectiveness of ketogenic diets as this allows you to make informed decisions about your health. There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts on the market today, but it is important to know who you can trust and rely on for credible information.

We can guide your ketogenic diet and help you monitor you situation to optimize your weight loss and maximize your health.


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Effective weight loss and health maintenance depends on safe practice. That is why it is crucial to monitor you muscle mass, fat mass, and resting metabolic rate during the initial process. The numbers gained from this information allows us to construct a recommended dietary pattern that is personalized for your metabolism.

We utilize a state-of-the-art bio-impedance  scale to give accurate information regarding your body's fat distribution, hydration status (which reflects medical conditions), and your muscle mass. We also utilize a KORR resting metabolic rate analyzer with VO2 max measurement capability to establish your basal metabolic rate, which impacts your ability to lose and maintain weight loss.

Poorly designed weight loss protocols can destroy your basal metabolic rate and actually cause you to GAIN weight despite dieting!The benefit of these measurements is that we can track and monitor your metabolic rate and prevent the loss of skeletal muscle.


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